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£1050 Raised for Schools by Panikos Photography

Posted on January 6, 2011 by Panikos under Uncategorized

November and December were very busy months for Panikos Photography. We helped local schools raise some much needed funds once again, if fact £1050 was raised for just 3 schools! Its oh so simple for any school to generate £300+ a day. It went down a storm! In fact, there was so much good feedback that Eversley School got us back in a couple of weeks after we literally “sold out” after our first visit. The other schools that benefitted were St Adrians in St Albans and St Andrews in Enfield. But here are some examples of what we did at Eversley:This is the sort of fun some of the kids had!

But we had groups of kids…

..of all ages, havig fun & evidently doing much of what they do at home! Parents got their best smiles out too though.

Some were looking a bit moody! But it does suit the shot in black & white. 

And they do have an aspiring Jimmy Hendrix in the family too, wow!

Then, there were some kids you just DON’T want to mess with! Otherwise you’d end up with the BA Baracus (A Team) treatment! But there should have been some gold chains too shouldn’t there?

 But, he’s a real softie deep down! And that’s what mum thinks too!

Then of course there were the REAL softies. This little one was just two weeks old! And she performed brilliantly for her first professional photo shoot. But what a handful!

How about this for a real cutie?

Then we had the James Dean impersonator!

We also had this young man flying over his mum! Hope he enjoyed the trip!So, did it go down well? Sure. Here’s the proof, a testimonial winged its way to me a short time after & this is what it said:

So if you know any school that wants to raise some hassle free cash, any time of year, just get them to contact Panikos on 020 8447 6970 or drop him an email on & he’s sure to help you out. And yes ALL the above photos were taken at the school, Everesley were chuffed, they made £446 in a day & a half for just letting us use a classroom!

We also have to say a BIG THANKS to a few people though, they all helped get this fundraising off the ground:

Firstly to Marcus King of the Cost Detectives, who will help ANY company improve profits & save costs on a no win no fee basis, he made all this possible with Eversley School.

Terry Hall of the Mortgage Advice Centre in Barnet who helped us get into St Adrian’s School in St Albans.

And last but definitely not least, Mel Tadhunter of Life and Seek Coaching who’ll put a smile on any workforce, who once again got us into St Andrews School in Enfield.

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