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Animals of South Africa

Posted on June 12, 2010 by Panikos under Uncategorized


I’ve finaly got round to getting some of the wildlife images from South Africa. There were some very early morning starts to get some of these photos, as well as some images taken at dusk

A beautiful lillte Impala in afternoon sunlight

A young Kudu, notice the little black specs on its neck, they are actually ticks. Nearly every animal we saw there had hndreds of ticks stuck on their necks and faces. A lot of Kudu meat is sold in the restaurants and food shops in South Africa. We had some rather tasty Kudu sausage while we were there. Kudu biltong (sort of dried & cured/spiced meat, more info here is quite a delicacy.

This is a Blue Wildebeest (Connochaetes taurinus) as opposed to the Black variety, a few large flocks were seen in Pilanesberg. Look closely and you’ll see how the Wildebeests eyes almost look like they’re popping out of its head! That gives them great peripheral vision.

This shot of an African Elaphants was taken just before nightfall, we were able to approach it from the side and get very close up without it being distracted from its meal at all.

This young lion was roaming the plains with two other lions very early in the morning, the early morning sun just catching its fur from behind.

Another early morning shot, this time of a Zebra, on the high resolution file you can clearly see the sunrise reflected in the Zebra’s eye, you can also see the incredibly long eyelashes of this animal.

Oh well, there are some of my animal shots nearly all of them taken at the Pilanesberg National Park I’ll update some landscapes soon.

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