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Cherubs Day at Royal Chace Hotel

Posted on April 16, 2010 by Panikos under Uncategorized

We had another great day at the Royal Chace Hotel on Saturday 10th April. Eight little Cherubs were photographed, but as some of them are getting older, they really do want things their own way!

We had a few 2nd sessions and some 3rd sessions too. Just to explain, Cherubs is a promotion where mums can register for just £35 and have 3 (yes THREE) photo sessions of their babies taken at roughly 4 monthly intervals starting when the baby is around 4 months old. I’m the Cherubs “Partner” for this area, more details on

When they are at their first sitting at the 4 month stage, the babies stay where you put them (usually). At the time of the 2nd sitting/8 months, they usually are able to sit up and support themselves for a little while. We do have one early starter though who is running around at just 8 1/2 months! For the final sitting, they can almost definitely move around – at some speed too.

We just finished our very first tri-fold Folio for Mary’s little Ellena, its really beautiful seeing the three photos all together showing how the little ones have grown over their first year. Here’s little Ellena’s Folio with photos of her at 4, 8 and standing at 12 months old!

One thought on “Cherubs Day at Royal Chace Hotel”

  1. Tim says:

    I don’t think I could do your job. Not just because I lack the photograpy skills but I think I might get tired of looking at ‘cute’ babies all day long. Moreover, no matter where they actually come on the cute gradient you’ve got to tell their mothers they’re wonderful.
    Rachel, of course, is beautiful!

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