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Las Vegas

Posted on October 25, 2010 by Panikos under Uncategorized

I recently had the opportunity to go to Las Vegas and travel from there on to photograph the Eastern Sierra Nevada with the purpose of taking some photos that would sell as fine art prints. Before travelling to the mountains I stopped off in Las Vegas where I could not resist the opportunity to take a few images. I arrived at dusk so my first images were nighttime shots.

A vist to Vegas wouldn’t be complete without seeing the fountains at the Bellagio. A truly spectacular sight, with the fountains dancing to different songs every 15 minutes. The big surprise though is the thunderous sound of the water canons that fire jets of water hundreds of feet into the air as the music reaches its climax. A M A Z I N G!!!

The following morning, dawn is just as spectacular, with the sunrising through cracks in the clouds on one side of the city giving us this view from the 15th floor of the Bellagio

And this view towards the other side of this man made oasis in the desert, as the sunlight glistens off the hotels on the other side of this city that is surrounded by mountains all around:

My early morning walk took me to the imaginative decor of the Bellagio with its colourful internal gardens that was being restocked with thousands of pot plants at around 6am. The colours you see here are constantly changing, allways keeping the appearance fresh and breathtaking every few minutes.

A close up of the wicker-work on the trees reveals so much detail and shows the effort that must have gone into making these stunning works

The areas inside this beautiful hotel can only really be appreciated when there are no people around – and between around 7am and the early ours the concourses are heaving with astounded visitors admiring every nook and cranny of this palatial structure. I managed to get these images around 5:30 in the morning, thank goodness for jet lag!

Whereas, across the way, the sheer scale of Caesars Palace, with the Roman statues was also breathtaking.

Las Vegas is truly an incredible place, one can’t help but have a permanent smile on ones face as every corner thats turned reveals another example of extravagance without equal. It really is worth a visit!

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