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Summer 2010 in Cyprus, Part 1, The Surprise Wedding

Posted on October 15, 2010 by Panikos under Uncategorized

This summer I did a few jobs in Cyprus, including a last minute wedding! The happy couple arrived from Edmonton, Canada & decided to get married on the spur of the moment! It was all arranged in just a few days – amazing!!!

It was conducted in the “Temporary Town Hall” of a town called Lisi, which is the occupied North Part of Cyprus – so although the town itself is under Turkish occupation, the town hall has moved to Larnaca till things get sorted…bizarre!

So for those that can read Greek, you can see the wording accross the top of the building “Temporary Town Hall – Lisi”

Well, inside it wasn’t just hot, it was SWELTERING around 42C if I remember correctly. The guy in the shorts, that’s the Groom, Brian, and he’s not just looking pretty holding the wife to be’s flowers, oh no, he’s actually got the best spot in the building. He’s standing right underneath the aircon unit, which is just out of sight above him on the left! That’s why he’s smiling!

In case you wondered where the blushing Bride is, she was looking even prettier than the Groom by the front door of the Town Hall.

Then, no sooner had the registrar finished the ceremony with his oh, so broken English, Brian got hold of Joann and gave her a smakeroo on the lips!

All this kissing was too much fun for Brian, in the end everyone was doing it!

This wasn’t the biggest wedding I’ve ever done, but its the only one where I was wearing long trousers and the Groom was in shorts. Surely it should be the other way round? Anyway, this was the whole group at the “Town Hall”.

So…… were they happy? I think so, well we all got the thumbs up anyway! By the way, nice wedding sandals guys!

Just in case you couldn’t see if the happy couple were really smiling, here’s a close up too.

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