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Summer in Cyprus, Part 3, The West

Posted on October 23, 2010 by Panikos under Uncategorized

The last part of our journey took us to Paphos and the western side of Cyprus where we stayed for just a couple of days. In Paphos there was a most interesting scene by the sea, where the rocks were quite jagged and rough, someone has put a swimming pool style entrance to the sea…..interesting

We then travelled to the mountains from the western side of Cyprus, a route never taken by us before, into one of the main wine growing regions. The villages up there are very quaint with a lot of traditional architecture and stone built buildings. The vibrant colour of this doorway was particularly striking.

The doorway to this home by contrast was in need of a lick of paint! Nice plants though.

The traditional ovens are alays interesting. its unusual to have one inside the walls of the family home as this one was. The flower pots are quite original too!

These are some slightly different views of Cyprus this year, I hope you enoyed them.

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