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From Lone Pine to Manzanar

Posted on December 8, 2010 by Panikos under Uncategorized

Getting up when it is still dark is never easy, however you do get to see the world differently at that time. The opportunity to see the sunrise is there for all of us, but we do it so rarely. On the 2nd October, that’s exactly what I did though, and it was so rewarding. […]

South Lake and Aspens

Posted on December 2, 2010 by Panikos under Uncategorized

We made the journey up to South Lake, which is just west of Bishop, while it was still dark so that we could be there for sunrise. What a peaceful and tranquil place that was! All that could be heard every few minutes was the splash of fish in the water as they leapt up to […]

The Bristlecone Pines, in the White Mountains

Posted on December 1, 2010 by Panikos under Uncategorized

For some reason I’m putting the sequence that I did things in reverse order, I don’t really know why! But, the Bristlecone Pines in the White Mountains were literally awesome. These ancient trees can predate the giant redwoods by about 1,000 years! Some of them are truly majestic, some have been given names like “The […]

Death Valley October 2010

Posted on November 28, 2010 by Panikos under Uncategorized

From Las Vegas I travelled through Death Valley towards my destination the Sierra Nevada Mountains. I couldn’t resist photographing this spectacular place. It was a real education for me. I thought that it was just a dry barren slat pan! But to my surprise, it was surrounded by multicoloured hills and mountains, full of beautiful […]

Las Vegas

Posted on October 25, 2010 by Panikos under Uncategorized

I recently had the opportunity to go to Las Vegas and travel from there on to photograph the Eastern Sierra Nevada with the purpose of taking some photos that would sell as fine art prints. Before travelling to the mountains I stopped off in Las Vegas where I could not resist the opportunity to take […]

Summer in Cyprus, Part 3, The West

Posted on October 23, 2010 by Panikos under Uncategorized

The last part of our journey took us to Paphos and the western side of Cyprus where we stayed for just a couple of days. In Paphos there was a most interesting scene by the sea, where the rocks were quite jagged and rough, someone has put a swimming pool style entrance to the sea…..interesting […]

Summer 2010 in Cyprus, Part 2, The Mountains

Posted on October 15, 2010 by Panikos under Uncategorized

Its been a while since we travelled to the Troodos Mountains, so this time we decided to visit a couple of waterfalls as it was soooo hot over there this summer. Our first port of call was one of our favourite places, the Caledonian Falls near Platres. It was about a two mile, two hour […]

Images from South Africa

Posted on April 7, 2010 by Panikos under Uncategorized

  This Red Hot Poker was in the fantastic Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens. A close up of a huge leaf, it looked something like a banana plant but I can’t be sure. Another beautifully backlit plant that glows as if its on fire – don’t know what its called though. More details about these stunning gardens can be found […]

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