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Venice – a photographer’s dream

Posted on April 26, 2016 by Admin under Awards, Personal Work & Products

Earlier this month I was lucky enough to be invited to Italy by my album supplier, Graphistudio, to visit their HQ in Arba and to take a tour of the factory. It fell around the same time as my wedding anniversary so, romantic that I am, I decided to take my wife, Joanna along and to extend the trip with a stay in Venice.

Castle at Blue Hour

I use Graphistudio because of the exquisite and consistent quality of their albums across the range. From baby books to lifestyle and wedding albums I don’t think there’s anything to touch them. And from the reaction I get from my clients (some have been known to burst into tears of joy when they first see their album) I’d say my opinion is justified!

The customer service is second to none and that was extended to Joanna and me from the moment we stepped off the plane. And to make our anniversary even more special, they gave us accommodation in the castle they own, Castillio Ceconi, which is 30 minutes drive away from the factory, in the foothills of the Dolomites.


Together with the team at Graphistudio’s offices

The factory was just as impressive as I’d imagined and seeing the love and care that goes into the production of their albums gave me even more confidence in the product. The company has just invested in one of the most advanced printers in the world the Canon Dream Lab, and the quality it produces is phenomenal.


Our host was Jeremy Price of Graphistudio UK

Leaving the castle behind was difficult of course but Venice was everything we’d hoped for. It’s a photographer’s dream. There are photo opportunities around every corner – breathtaking architecture, romantic canals with their famous gondoliers, mysterious alleyways and of course the culture this charming city on water is renowned for. It really is quite remarkable – I’ve never experienced anywhere quite like it before.


But light is everything with photography and sadly, it was pretty flat all the time we were there, apart from one sunny but cold afternoon. Still, I got some decent images and it’s a good excuse to go back which I’d gladly do in a heartbeat!






These were just a few of my favourites from the trip, I hope you enjoyed them!

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