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A Very Special Wedding

Posted on December 1, 2011 by Panikos under Uncategorized

Last Tuesday 22nd November, I was called by Judi Guy from the North London Hospice for a favour. She asked if I could spare some time the following day to cover a wedding! I asked for some details and agreed to photograph Annette and Karl’s wedding. She told me that everything had to be done very quickly as it was a last minute decision by the couple and that they’d love to have the whole thing recorded by a professional. I really had to do it, I couldn’t say no!

It was probably one of the most emotional weddings I’ve covered, with so much support being given freely to the couple from all concerned. And yes, I did give my services completely without charge! The whole hospice was buzzing from all the excitement of the wedding, and just seeing everything falling into place as if had been months in the planning.

So here are some of the images, begining with the preparations in the room,

Then walking to the Chapel

Meeting the groom,

Getting the rings from the ringbearer

The first kiss

The whole family together

The first dance

All this prepared with barely a days notice!

And a little relaxation at the end of a very, very happy day!

So after this, it was all systems go at the office, with lots of editing and retouching to do to get the images ready to give to Karl and Annette that very same evening! Finally at after 11pm I called the lovely Anita Brien, who also works at the North London Hospice, to come and collect the disc with the images, together with a DVD that I put to music, with all the images from the wedding day! Definitely the quickest turnaround for a wedding that I’ve ever done! But it was worth it!

More details about the wedding from the Hospices own web site can be found here:

and here:

or here:

Here too:

If you’d like to see the full Video, please click on this rather long link! “”></param><param

And although Panikos’s name isn’t mentioned, he also managed to make the Front Page of the Enfield Independent and the Barnet Times with a few of these wedding images!


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