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Why professional accreditation matters

Posted on April 27, 2016 by Admin under Awards

2016 is turning out to be a very good year for me so far!


In March I made a submission to the Master Photographers Association (MPA) and was awarded an Associateship! According to the MPA’s website, Associate level ‘denotes a high level of craftsmanship and individual creativity.’ It’s a pretty rigorous process so I was delighted with the result.

A Panel Certificate_6460

The MPA is the UK’s leading photographic qualification body and is run by very experienced photographers exclusively for professionals working in the wedding, portrait and commercial sectors.

To be considered, I had to submit 20 images, printed to the highest possible standard, then mounted onto 20”x16” board. In addition, I had to send in a 40-page book comprising 20 photographs on a particular theme, together with supporting evidence about myself and my business. That included details of my workflow, how I work with clients, the insurances I have in place and other relevant information about my studio.


My submission was viewed by five anonymous judges who scored each of the images.



Yes, it was time consuming and it took commitment to put it all together but the effort just adds to the prestige of the award. I feel very proud to have been judged good enough to join an organisation so full of talent and professionalism.

001 _MG_0064

Just as the news was sinking in, on Saturday 9 April I was awarded Master Craftsman status with the Guild of Photographers . I’d actually applied for Craftsman status but the judges voted to upgrade my application so it was great news all round!

003 4731GG

And then on 15th April I was made an Associate of the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers (SWPP) on the strength of the same panel of images I submitted to the MPA and The Guild.


All this is great news for me of course but what does it mean for my clients? Well, it gives reassurance that my peers not only judge me worthy to join the ranks of these prestigious organisations, but also that I work in a professional manner and put my clients’ needs first.

005 Retouched 0196

These were just a few of the images in my panel of work, which is the type of imagery I produce regularly at my studio, I hope you like them!


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